Loft Renovation

Project Description:

Loft Conversion 

The vision for this project was to create a New York style loft apartment with all the conveniences of modern living. What was once an open space with a just a kitchenette and bathroom; is now an attractive, comfortable, two bedroom apartment. The transformation was remarkable to watch unfold, and our team thoroughly enjoyed the project. 

"I own a building with an upstairs vacant space that had been used as an artists studio for a number of years. The space was an open single space with a kitchenette and bathroom and shower. I approached Paua Hamilton Architects for some line drawings of the conversion of the space to provide two bedrooms a new bathroom and an open plan living area. Gibson construction agreed to undertake the demolition work and the building work for the conversion. Their knowledge and experience meant the concept of the architect and myself could be realised Working together the concept of a ply dividing wall with opening areas to bedrooms was completed to a high standard that works visually. The ply wall was critical to the conversion. It needed to be simple and seamless. This was achieved by gluing rather than nailing the ply. The end result is a New York style loft apartment providing easy living."

Garth O’Brien
Lawyer / Director

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