Herringbone Cowsheds

Herringbone Cowsheds

The very best design and build service

Gibson Construction provide a comprehensive design and build service offering best practice solutions regardless of your herd size. We are specialists in the construction of all types of Herringbone cowsheds from very basic to the most complex designs.

Your shed location is the key to optimizing its performance, and with over 15 years experience building cowsheds we know a thing or two about the importance of delivering the best shed to fit your site.

The benefits of choosing a Herringbone are:
  • They are ideal for smaller herds
  • Robust design
  • The 3-way drafting system maximizes cow flow
  • It is easy to install feed and mineral dispensing systems

Herringbone sheds are designed for:

  • Effective cow flow for increased milk production
  • Good air flow in the summer months and warm dry conditions in the winter months, improving overall herd performance
  • Noise minimization to reduce stress on herds
  • Inclusion of a secure viewing platform for fewer interruptions
  • Use of permanent durable materials to reduce on-going repairs and maintenance

Features include:

  • Any size, built to suit your herd size and requirements
  • Structural steel frames
  • Natural ventilation and light
  • Non-slip floor detail
  • Chemical-resistant concrete
  • Specialist coatings on floors and walls
  • All drainage and plumbing within the floor slab

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Our highly qualified, skilled and resourceful team have a wealth of knowledge and experience within these industries.  We are committed to providing you with the highest quality building experience that will exceed your expectations whilst meeting your requirements and budget.