Rotary Cowsheds

Rotary Cowsheds

benefits of rotary cowsheds:

  • It is easier to increase herd numbers
  • A decrease in labour units
  • You will spend less time in the shed
  • You will enjoy a happier working environment
  • Options to develop automated milking are available with some systems
  • Effective cow flow for increased milk production
  • Good air flow in the summer months and warm dry conditions in the winter months, improving overall herd performance
  • Noise minimization to reduce stress on herds
  • Inclusion of a secure viewing platform for fewer interruptions
  • Use of permanent durable materials to reduce on-going repairs and maintenance

Features include:

  • Milking platform sizes
  • Structured steel frames
  • Natural ventilation and light
  • Chemical resistant concrete
  • Non-slip floor
  • Specialist coatings on floors and walls
  • Drainage and plumbing within the floor slab
We project manage the job from start to finish, working with you to ensure you get your shed built your way.

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