Effluent Solutions

Effluent Solutions

make the most of this valuable resource

Dairy farm effluent is now a valuable resource. Its nutrient value continues to increase as fertilizer prices rise; therefore it needs to be managed with care.

Managing dairy effluent is necessary for the health of waterways and groundwater, so knowing the rules for effluent management is essential.

At Gibson Construction, we provide many solutions to enable farmers to manage this important farm resource. Our high-quality options include concrete effluent tanks, stone traps, solids bunkers and Firestone EPDM lined ponds.

We offer you a range of options to suit your farm and herd size and to meet your budget.

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Effluent Legal Requirements

Compliance with legal requirements is an important part of any business. Environmental compliance is especially important to ensure the long term acceptability of dairy farming as a land use.

Effluent compliance checklists

These checklists are a self audit to help farmers to achieve resource consent compliance in all regions of New Zealand. They are for your own information and do not have to be shared with any organisation. 

Once you’ve completed your checklist we recommend that you follow up any boxes that are not ticked as soon as possible.

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