Moorbys Farm

Project Description:

The Moorby’s substantial 80 bale cowshed is 32mx32m long with a 1024m2 footprint (excluding the taker pad, animal health and silo area). Given the shear size of the building, it was important it fit nicely within it’s existing landscape, after all it is a rather large focal point.

The peak of the roof is nestled nicely between the two mountains behind and the colour of the roof and cladding is ironsand and the  joinery is sandstone grey, tones in keeping with the landscape.

The building consists of an underpass, 18m radius yard 1000m2 to accommodate around 600 cows, custom exit race of over 500m2.  50,000 litre flood was through 300 main pipe and 100mm risers shooting through a nib – this can wash each side of 3000m2 separately.Weeping wall 1120m2 (70×16) bunker with Gibson’s weeping wall panels.

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