Silage Bunkers

Gibson Rural specialize in purpose-built concrete silage bunkers. We construct tough, long-lasting silage bunkers that will reduce wastage and stand up to the most aggressive liquid waste from silage.

From a heavy reinforced concrete basic floor and bank system to tilt slabs to a complete or Spraycrete bank system, we do the job right.

Your silage bunker will:

  • Be made from 30mpa concrete (link to site with description of what 30mpa means).
  • Include tilt slab sides up to 3 metres where required.
  • Have sloping sides. 
  • Be built to width and length depending on tonnage requirements.
  • Result in minimum dirt inclusion when feeding out.
  • Need fewer covers than other systems

Your Palm Kernel Bunker will: 

  •  Have 30 tonne truck and trailer capacity.
  •  Be 10 x 5 x 1.400 high.
  • Have entry pad options including.
    • Sliding roof.
    • Canvas covered with stretchy tie downs.
  • 30 mpa concrete.